Feb 192020


Children are vital to the church.  We believe in investing our best efforts and resources in them.

A typical Sunday starts with a variety of movement for our kids.  They can dance and/or wave flags while we sing.  There is an activity table set up in the gathering where they can colour, complete mazes, dot-to-dots or word searches.  A Children’s Moment pulls the kids together for a mini lesson, and prayer before they head off to their group.

ForgeKids (ages 3 – 12) The most important thing for kids to learn is that Jesus loves them and is the very best friend they can have. They experience this through activities, songs, stories and games. We use awesome curriculum to do this in a fun, interactive way!

The goal is that our children grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, develop Christian character in their lives, and establish friendships with other children. The children gain a solid foundation of knowledge from the Bible and are taught how to apply it to their lives.

All of our volunteer team have undergone a Criminal Record Check.

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