Feb 192020

Basic RGB
Our core values help us to realize our vision and are part of all we do.  They are the foundation of our identity as a community.  It is out of them that we are:

1.  COLLABORATIVE by partnering together through using a team-based approach.

2.  CREATIVE by encouraging imagination in how we do life together.

3.  A community that is COUNTER-CULTURAL by encouraging surrender and service rather than status.

4.  CROSS-CULTURAL by celebrating and embracing all nations and peoples.

5.  Surrendering our individual rights to do life together. It’s about having an attitude of servant hood; being INTERDEPENDENT.

6.  INTER-GENERATIONAL through inclusion of all ages and styles of people.

7.  INTUITIVE, meaning we are guided by the Holy Spirit and our relationships, not programs.

8.  IMPROVISATIONAL, in that we allow for spontaneity and fluidity.

9.  Deliberate an meaningful; INTENTIONAL in everything we do.